Graphic Design

We use Adobe R Software and have the ability to create from scratch or manipulate existing artwork inhouse. With the latest software turning ideas into a printed product can be very quick! We have the ability to create art >> to finished printed product, within 1 hour of the product being handed to us!

Screen Printing

Wide range of applications, From Stickers to Tee Shirts. There is not much that cant be screened. Wood, Glass, Metal circut Panels,Tees and Hoodies, Caps,Umbrellas, Transfers, we have done BBQs, Fridges, Eskyes, Chairs, Awards, Custom Products, Carbon Fiber Racing Wheels, Apple Laptops, Industrial Components, Promotional Products to name a few. Using Polyester Meshs of Varying grades and the correct type of inks for the substrate to be printed, an image can be screen onto most surfaces and in the hands of qualified staff its surprising what products can be done.

Pad Printing

Wide range of applications most people are unaware of, growing rapidly for over the last 50 years, originaly developed in the 1800s to print on watch faces, pad printing has the ability to print onto most 3D products such as pens, switches, glass  just about anything can be printed using this process. The first time I saw this was at a Print Convention the developers were printing fine text onto walnuts as samples and handing them out, which gives you an idea of how versatile it is. A Large number of Promotional Items are Pad Printed, and an evenlarger numer of Industrial Components. The Mint use this process to print Collectable Coins due to high level of detail acheievable.

Digital Printing

New technology that has be refined over the last 10years, now allowing printers to use this process for many more printing applications. From signs and stickers, banners even garments can now be done digitaly which has lowered the cost of smaller multi colour orders. Offering high quality at a resonable cost, Digital is a great option for labels and pressure sensitive Transfers that can be HD printedand heat pressed onto many natural and synthetic materials. With onboard cutting abilities it can eliminated the need to forme cut.

Sublimation Printing

Great for Synthetic materials such as Polyester , Rayon, Satin, Nylon, Acetates.  An ever growing list of products are becoming available, Coffee mugs, Stubbie Holders, Umbrellas, Flags.  and with the new age of Synthetic tops that are cooler and dryer than cotton, decoration of these items are getting cheaper with better and more permanant results.


Still a Premium look for some applications, Caps, Uniforms, Business Wear, Trade Wear, Bags.

Laser Engraving

Using the Laser etch is always a great option when decorating metal items, such as keyrings, Metal Drinkware, Gifts, and a lot of promotional and industrial items. Laser Engraving also makes personalisation such as names, dates and consecutive numbering, a lot more affordable than some traditional printing methods.

One thing I have learnt over the years is that most items have multipul decoration options, finding the right one to suit, is what we do best, we will always offer all possible options where we can, which eventuates into savings and conformity across the board.